2023 IL Awards Winner – Young Leader Award

December 13, 2023

Photo of her Honour the Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland Labrador, the Honourable Joan Marie Aylward with award winner Kayla Warren, shaking hands. Title reads 2023 IL Awards Winner. The Empower logo is in the lower right corner.

The recipient of the 2023 Independent Living Young Leader Award is Kayla Warren.

Kayla Warren, who identifies as autistic, has been involved with disability advocacy since high school. In 2017 she volunteered with Autism Includes Me (AIM) in Port aux Basques on a pilot program for autism-friendly swimming lessons. During the pandemic, she volunteered making a digital catalogue of AIMs resources. During her university career at both Memorial (Behavioural Neuroscience) and Dalhousie (Occupational Therapy) Kayla volunteered in groups and organizations working to break down barriers, including the Blundon Centre at Memorial University.

She focuses on bringing a first-hand autistic perspective to her work to ensure autistic voices are elevated. A sample of Kayla’s involvements include:

Congratulations Kayla!