Bylaw Amendments

July 19, 2023

 The Board of Directors is currently proposing two bylaw changes to Empower’s current bylaws.

We will be hosting our AGM on Saturday August 19, 2023 at 11:00 AM at North Bank lodge in Pippy Park.  Please do join us for our Annual BBQ which will start with our Annual General Meeting.

Link to Empower’s Bylaws & Articles of Association

Motion 1: To approve the name change of Empower, The Disability Resource Centre from Independent Living Resource Centre and ensure references to this name is throughout the Bylaws and Articles of Association.

  Articles of Assc Bylaws, March 23, 2015.docx

THE NEWFOUNDLAND COMPANIES ACT ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION OF EMPOWER, THE DISABILITY RESOURCE CENTRE 1. These articles and by-laws shall be interpreted with reference to the provisions of the Companies Act, and Chapter c-36, an Act to Revise and Re…

Motion 2: The addition of “or Past Chairperson” to Article 13.3 as noted this position could also extended beyond a sixth year of serving in a Board position.

Bylaw Excerpt

13.3    Exemptions to article 13.1 may be approved by the membership at an Annual General Meeting. These exemptions would normally involve a Director position requiring special knowledge or skills, such as the Director serving as Board Treasurer. (or Board Past Chairperson)

We look forward to seeing you on August 19 at 11:00 AM.  North Bank Lodge, Pippy Park at which time we will vote on these amendments.