NEW! Creative Skills Program

February 7, 2024

A woman stares at a mural on a white brick wall. The mural is of a lightbulb, exploding with colorful ideas and images. Title reads New Creative Skills Program. The Empower logo is in the lower right corner.

NEW! Empower’s Member Services is starting a new ✴️Creative Skills Program✴️this month.

Each month, Members will come together to learn new creative skills. Some skills will be learned in one session, some will take a series of sessions to fully learn the foundations of the skill being taught.

This month we will be learning the art of card making. Members will learn about using different creative styles and media, including acrylics, pastels, and inks, while exploring abstract and mixed-media artistic stylings.

This is a fun activity meant to nurture individual creative expression. Members with all levels of creative skill are encouraged to participate.

Registration for each skill or series is required. Please complete the Creative Skills Program Registration Form to register for the Art of Card Making.

Have questions or need assistance? Contact Sherri by phone: 709-722-4031 or by email: