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CNIB Foundation

Region(s): Avalon, Central, Eastern, Western, Labrador

Category(s): Disability


Phone: 1-800-563-2642

The CNIB Foundation provides an opportunity for limitless possibilities, providing you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to smash barriers in pursuit of the life you choose. Our programs are designed to address the needs of people of all ages across five areas:
“Live” programs provide the support and services to enhance your daily living skills, realize your goals, and seize your future with confidence.
Whether you’re thinking of trying yoga or learning how to paint, “Play” programs foster an active and healthy lifestyle and give you the opportunity to connect with others.
CNIB’s “Work” programs provide you with the skills and resources to attain your career ambitions, thrive academically at every stage, and hone your abilities as an entrepreneur or mentor.
CNIB’s “Learn” programs focus on education, skills training, and literacy to empower you to achieve your goals by fostering social skills and independence.
Unleashing the power of technology lets you lead an independent life. Our “Technology” programs level technology.

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