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Community Supports Program – Eastern Health

Region(s): Avalon

Category(s): Housing


Phone: (709) 752-4835

Residential Services Programs: The Community Supports Program (CSP) is committed to supporting individuals in the family home and in accordance with individual choice.  Individuals may reside in their own home or reside with family. Home supports and other financial services may be provided based on the assessment of need. Adult individuals who choose not to reside in their own home or reside with family, may be assessed for some of the other following residential options.
Board and Lodging Non-Relatives: An individual may choose to contract with a non-relative to reside in their home and have basic board and lodging (accommodations, meals, laundry, etc.) provided to them as well as additional support as identified through the clinical assessment of their needs by the appropriate healthcare professional.
Alternate Family Care: An Alternate Family Care (AFC) Home is a private residence that provides room and board, supervision and personal and social care to an unrelated adult with an intellectual disability. The program is designed to meet the needs of individuals who cannot live independently or chooses not to and can benefit from a family environment.
Individual Living Arrangements: Individual Living Arrangements (ILA) refers to a 24-hour staffed arrangement for individuals with an intellectual disability. This service is not intended to be long term and individuals are moved to less restrictive environments at the appropriate time.
Cooperative Living Program: The co-operative living program is a flexible program where two or three residents reside in a house with 24-hour support.  The program is designed to address individual behaviors and teach life skills that would enable the individual to live in other less restrictive community settings.
Personal Care Homes: Privately owned and operated residential homes for seniors and other adults who need assistance with daily living.  Personal Care Homes provide care to adults needing residential assistance and who are unable to live independently due to social circumstances, disabilities, emotional or physical illness, injury, or aging.

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