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NL Housing Corporation

Region(s): Eastern

Category(s): Housing


Phone: 1-800-563-4432

To develop and administer housing assistance policy and programs for the benefit of low to moderate income households throughout the province.
Emergency Housing – 1-833-724-2444 NLHC has an emergency housing number for those experiencing homelessness.
Victims of Violence – NLHC is aware that one of the greatest issues facing victims of violence is finding a safe affordable place to live and offers alternative housing throughout the province.
Eviction Prevention – Through in-house Social Workers, NLHC works with tenants to prevent eviction due to mental illness (ex: Hoarding) and other issues.
Residential Modifications – NLHC is committed to accommodating disabilities within their units and can provide/construct such things as ramps, wider doorways and other individual requirements as needed.
Marystown: 1-800-563-4432

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