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Region(s): Avalon

Category(s): Health


Phone: (709) 368-6390

Waypoints Family Support Program offers a collaborative and holistic approach for providing support to families. Family Support workers engage with families in their life space through the development of therapeutic relationships and the use of trauma-informed interventions and activities. A major emphasis is placed on goal setting, strength identification, the promotion of competency, and capacity building.
Waypoints provides professional support and hands on intervention to Foster Parents. This program recognizes and respects the current skills and expertise of Foster Parents, including the PRIDE competencies. Foster Parents participate in the program voluntarily as it is designed to complement existing skills and offer new strategies for ongoing personal and professional development.
Parent Support and Education Group: focuses on areas such as child development, discipline, communication and self-care. The group meets weekly for 10 weeks, and is offered one to two times per year.
Family Support Program: (709) 368-6024
Supporting Foster Parents Program: (709) 368-3564
Parent Support and Education Group: (709) 722-9397

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